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Miami-Dade is setting the bar for diversity in our country. Over two-thirds of our community identifies as Latino or Hispanic and nearly one-fifth as African American. Miami has been called a multicultural mosaic, with individual populations maintaining their cultures and contributing to a vibrant and exciting community.

With great diversity comes great potential for our city to be a launching pad for hundreds of thousands of future leaders with distinct backgrounds and perspectives. In many cases, however, our education system is failing to prepare these future leaders for the road ahead. Just 20 percent of the more than 100,000 children growing up in poverty here will read on grade level by the 10th grade.
Yet we know all students can achieve academic success with the right support and opportunities. We are working diligently to bring the most exceptional leaders to our city to fuel the efforts for change and set their students up for a future of achievement.
Thanks to the incredible support of the Miami-Dade community, our 300 corps members are teaching 22,000 children  this year—nearly a quarter of our city’s highest-need students. Together, we can work to ensure Miami-Dade and its students live up to their enormous potential.

Teaching in Miami-Dade


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