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Certification Requirements

In order to be eligible to teach in Miami-Dade County Public Schools, corps members are required to pass a Subject Area Test and a General Knowledge Test prior to the start of the school year. Upon successful completion and passing of both exams, our teachers can obtain a temporary certificate that is valid for three years.

Obtaining Your Teaching Certificate

All corps members must work to obtain their professional teaching certificate while in the corps. The professional certificate is a five year, renewable certificate for educators. Miami-Dade corps members have two options for seeking professional certification: the Alternative Professional Preparation Program (AP3) or the Master’s in Education and Social Change through the University of Miami. The AP3 program is a free program offered to educators in Miami-Dade County and takes roughly two years to complete. The Master’s in Education and Social Change through the University of Miami begins the spring of a corps member’s first year and completes the summer of their second year. Corps members may use their AmeriCorps education award for the University of Miami’s master’s program.  

Master's Degree Option

Corps members may also choose to pursue a masters through John’s Hopkins. John’s Hopkins Master of Science in Education is a two year online program which corps members may pursue for a master’s degree. Please note that this program does not currently lead to professional certification through Miami-Dade County Public Schools.



  • University of Miami
  • Johns Hopkins University

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  • Biology
  • Chemistry
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  • Math
  • Physics
  • Spanish
  • Social Studies
  • English Language Learners

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